S3 Object Storage

Quantum Object Storage - an innovative solution designed to meet the most stringent requirements for scalability, durability, and data availability over many years.

Some of our clients accumulate vast amounts of unstructured data - from high-resolution videos and satellite images to CAD drawings and scientific research data. This data holds constant value and must be preserved for decades for future analysis, monetization, or other purposes.

Our Quantum object storage provides a reliable solution for storing and managing this data. We support extreme requirements for scalability, durability, and accessibility to large-scale long-term archives.

Erasure-Coding technology: Efficient object storage on disk using Erasure-Coding technology helps reduce storage costs and ensures a self-protective active archive.

S3 compatibility: Our storage ensures compatibility with the Amazon S3 protocol, making integration with your applications and services simple and convenient.

High-performance Quantum StorNext storage: For users requiring instant access to content in object format, we offer high-performance Quantum StorNext shared storage with an S3 interface, in addition to file interfaces.

Long-term tape archive: For long-term storage with minimal costs, we provide the ability to archive content to tape via the S3 interface. Content is available within minutes.

We understand that each client is unique, so we offer various data storage options, including online storage, tape archiving, and certified third-party object storage.

Contact us to start using our object storage and ensure the long-term preservation of your valuable data today.

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