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404 Error Day


At first glance, this day might seem exceptionally unusual for celebration, but for many, it signifies something significant. Let's delve into the history and meaning of this date together.

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Introduction to VPS. What Is It and How Does It Work?


In the world of web hosting, there are numerous terms that may seem unclear to beginners. One such term is VPS, or Virtual Private Server.

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VPS Hosting vs Cloud Hosting - What to Choose and the Differences?


In the world of web hosting, there are numerous options for hosting your website or application, but two of the most common are VPS hosting and cloud hosting.

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Cloudflare is developing a network firewall to protect large language models


Cloudflare, one of the leading providers of cloud services and security solutions, has announced the development of an innovative solution aimed at ensuring the security of applications utilizing LLM and similar models.

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Kazakhstan Users Gain Access to YouTube Premium Subscription


Since the beginning of 2024, Kazakhstan users of YouTube have gained long-awaited access to the premium subscription, opening up new horizons for the use of this popular video hosting platform.

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A virtual private server based on VMmanager, provided for rent

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Data Centers

Cloud Solutions

Our data centres locate in Almaty and Astana (Kazakhtelecom JSC) and fit the strongest requirements of the local and international standards. Our infrastructure and projects hosted by Cloud Solutions passed all examinations to corresponding the information security requirements of Kazakhstan government and local standards.