Kazakhstan Users Gain Access to YouTube Premium Subscription


Since the beginning of 2024, Kazakhstan users of YouTube have gained long-awaited access to the premium subscription, opening up new horizons for the use of this popular video hosting platform. Holders of premium accounts have been granted a range of privileges, including ad-free video viewing, the ability to watch content in the background, saving videos for offline viewing, and other additional features.

One of the key points was the offer of several subscription options for users. Among them are individual, family, and student subscriptions, allowing users to choose the most suitable option for each category of users.

YouTube in Kazakhstan

However, upon reviewing the prices for YouTube Premium subscription, it became noticeable that prices in Kazakhstan slightly differ from prices in other countries. For example, an individual subscription to YouTube Premium at the time of writing this article cost from 2700 to 3500 tenge per month, while in some other countries, it reaches $11.99 (approximately 5400 tenge) per month. This raised some questions among users and prompted inquiries about the reasons for such differences.

It is significant to note that the Minister of Digital Development of Kazakhstan, Bagdat Mussin, previously promised access to YouTube Premium in the country as early as 2023. However, the implementation of this promise was slightly delayed, and the subscription became available only in early 2024. This was good news for many users eagerly awaiting this opportunity.

YouTube, created in February 2005, has become an integral part of many people's lives worldwide. In November 2006, when Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion, many expected it to lead to further expansion and development of the platform. And today, YouTube remains one of the most visited and popular platforms in the world, ranking among the top social networks among Kazakhstan users.

The newfound availability of the YouTube Premium subscription opens up even more possibilities for Kazakhstan users for comfortable and convenient video viewing on this platform. The future of premium subscriptions and additional features on YouTube looks promising, and users are eagerly awaiting further updates and improvements.

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